- Tuna is a farmed animal?
No. Tuna is a fish that lives in wild herds in tropical waters of temperate oceans, but it is also present in the Mediterranean. It is the only warm-blooded sea fish. It is omnivorous and feeds mainly on fish.


- And Mackerel?
Even Mackerel is a wild fish. It lives throughout the Mediterranean, the Black Sea, along the Atlantic coasts of Europe and North America. He lives in banks with many kinds of fish of its same size at the surface or at middle depths of up to 200 m; in spring and summer it moves near the coast, while in winter it moves in deeper water and eats less. During the reproductive period lives near the coast.


- What is the processing cycle of Tuna and Mackerel?

  • The caught Tuna / Mackerel are immediately frozen on board of fishing vessels and transferred in a few time, in accordance with the cold chain, in the establishment of Syracuse.
  • Tuna, taken from the refrigerator, is cut into steaks, put into running water, placed in baskets made of stainless steel AISI 316 and not steamed, but cooked in salted water, in order to maintain the organoleptic qualities and to preserve proteins.
  • After cooking, the product is cooled and manually skinned and deprived of bones.
  • The cleaned pieces are cut into steaks and placed inside glass jars or tins of various sizes for catering.
  • At this stage follows the filling of containers with olive oil or water, closing the lid with automatic capping machine, sterilization and washing of the packs.
  •  The last step is the labeling through an automatic labeling machine, the packaging in thermo-packs and the storage of boxes in suitable places.


- After opening Drago products by when I have to consume them?
All Drago products should be consumed within 2 or 3 days.


- How can I keep Drago products after opening ?
If the product is not all consumed you need to leave it in the glass jar, add fresh olive oil to cover it completely and store in refrigerator.


- What are Omega 3 and what effect they have on our bodies?
Technically, Omega 3 are fatty polyunsaturated acids that, from chemical point of view, have the characteristic of a double bond in position 3 (Omega 3) of the chain that shape them. Omega 3 are defined essential fatty acids, compounds that our body can't produce and must introduce through food. To facilitate the introduction of omega 3 we should consume at least 3 servings of fish weekly selected from the following: Mackerel, Cod, Swordfish, Tuna, Trout, Sardines and Herring. Other sources of omega 3 are cereals, nuts, legumes and linseed oil. Among the protective effects of omega 3, the most important certainly are:

  • Action anti-platelet (antithrombotic effect), that should reduce the possible formation of blood clots.
  • The level of plasma lipids, particularly triglycerides
  • Blood pressure control, keeping cell membranes fluid and giving elasticity to arterial walls.


- From a nutritional point of view, what are the items present in Tuna and Mackerel?
From a nutritional point of view Tuna is an excellent food because contains low-calories (about 100 kcal per 100 g of product in brine), is very rich in proteins and is not very fat with a good supply of essential fatty acids. It should then come into our diet almost daily, in addition, its versatility allows you to consume it as a second plate or as a base for sauces rich in proteins.


- Drago Tuna has "Dolphin Safe" certification?

 The company joins as a producer the "Dolphin Safe" program tuna that binds to purchase only from suppliers who in turn join the program. In this way, the company agrees to purchase Drago Tuna by vessels that demonstrate to adopt fishing techniques that avoid dolphin mortality.


- Are Tuna and Mackerel adapt also for babies diet?
Sure. Tuna is infact an high biological value product and it is adapt for everybody, also for babies.


- Contains Drago Creams and Pate gluten?
No. All Drago Creams and Pate are gluten-free (except the "Tuna with almonds).


- What can I prepare with Creams and Pate?
Pate and Creams are ideal for making sandwiches or for dressing delicious pasta dishes, bringing to the table all the flavour of the sea and of tipical Sicilian food.